March 2016 \ Arts & Entertainment \ EXHIBITION BY MONTREAL PAINTER
Art of Peace

  • High Commissioner Patel with winners of painting contest organized by Mr Suraj Sadan, painter and founder, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation, Montreal

 Deeply honoured to host this topical exhibition. These leaders—Gandhi, King and Mandela—can be named ‘The Trinity’ and continue to be inspiring and relevant. Thank you for bringing this to ICCR.
—Ambassador C. Rajasekhar, Director General, Indian Council for Cultural Relations

Great exhibition. Impressive work of art. Congratulations to the winners and all participants.
—H.E. Mr. Nadir Patel, High Commissioner of Canada to India

Really impressed by both works of Mr Sadan and children inspired by him, both in India and Canada.
—Ms Namrata Kumar, Deputy DG, ICCR

Congratulations Suraj Sahib. Like MK Gandhi you cannot sit and relax. Your art crowns with success wherever you go.
—Mr Stephen Gill, Canadian poet

Dear Suraj Sahib. I'm indeed very happy to note progress you are making and interest you're generating in the artistic arena over the world.
—Mr Jayant Gala, Journalist in Montreal