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Dare to Dream

  • (Back row L to R) WE Champion Kulveer Ranger, WE Champions Shay and Sunny Grewal, WE Co–Founder and Chairman Reena Ranger, You Me and WE Co-ordinate Dee Vara and, You Me and WE Co-ordinate Pritti Virdee, Ranvir Singh, Sach Kukadia and Pavan Alhuwalia

Women Empowered (WE) held their event named “Dare to Dream” in March in Baker Street. Reena Ranger, Co-founder and Chair of WE, welcomed the 120 guests saying “Someone once said, everything that ever was, started off as someone’s dream, this was the inspiration for tonight’s topic; our speakers today will share how they took their dreams and turned them into their reality, how they made their dreams work for them and followed their passion and dared not to give up”

The speakers on the night were, Ranvir Singh, multi-award winning presenter of Good Morning Britain and ITV News, Pavan Alhuwalia, Henna Artist, Entrepreneur and Guinness World Record Holder and Sach Kukadia, Co-Founder of Secretsales.com

Ranvir Singh spoke candidly about the challenges and struggles of her career and the determination she needed to succeed and her will to be the best at whatever she was doing and always paying attention to detail. She reminded those listening that the one thing you don’t know is all the times someone didn’t make it, that the road to success isn’t always smooth and we often see people through the prism of success. “Success to me” she said “has been about feeling utterly fulfilled in her working life”. She keeps with her the lessons from a book she holds dear, “highly successful people chose to follow their passions rather than a career based on money or prestige. What keeps you going is loving what you do.” Ranvir spoke of the sacrifices, choices and discipline she needs to do what she does and loving what she does keeps her invigorated in her working life. She ended with a few words of wisdom “Winning is, unfortunately, mostly about losing, winning is the easy bit, once you learn how to deal with the disappointment of losing then you can go on to win”

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