April 2016 \ News \ Column: Yogi Ashwini
The Path of Yog

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

People ask me of ways to get rid of negativity, negative thoughts and emotions. In yog, we do not consider things as negative or positive. Negative and positive are both inside you. As per Ayurveda, the body is made of three doshas. ‘Dosha’ translates as a defect or an impurity. That is, the body itself is impure. There is no negative or positive because everything around you, everything physical, is bound by time. It is bound to end, and the time for it to end is decided the moment you get it, irrespective of whether that thing is good or bad. So if you get something ‘good’, be assured that you will have to bear the pain of losing it as well, the dearer the thing is to you, the greater will be the pain. Then tell me, what is good and what is bad?

The biggest pain is not in losing something but in getting something which is dear to you. Warren Buffet, an expert on property, once made a statement that you make a profit or loss the day you purchase a property, not on the day you sell it. In the same way when you get a thing, whatever that might be, that day itself it is decided how much loss you will have to bear (gain is out of question). The dearer a thing is to you, the more expensive it proves to be, as that much more pain it will cause you. One usually terms not getting something the person wants, or emotions of jealousy and anger, once again arising out of things not turning out the way they desired, as negative. Now tell me, is that negative or getting what you want is negative?

The day you get something, that day itself the pain that comes with it is also decided. Similarly the day you take the body, the doshas that come along with it are also determined because the meaning of body is that which is dooshit.