B Medical Systems, a Luxembourg- based global leader of vaccine cold chain and medical refrigeration, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Adani Group at the Embassy of Luxembourg in New Delhi. This partnership lays the foundation for B Medical Systems’ manufacturing in India ...

The success story of the Luxembourgish company B Medical Systems, a global manufacturer of medical refrigeration with best in class and highly reliable cold chain, was highlighted in India’s fight of COVD-19 and the current immunization campaigns. “B Medical Systems will contribute to our already strong bilateral relations in India. With more than 40 years of global experience, B Medical Systems will launch its manufacturing ‘Make in India’ in Gujarat contributing in saving many lives particularly in respecting the importance of the cold-chain refrigeration for the vaccines. I am looking forward to visiting the new premises and meeting the officials in the very near future. My sincerest thanks to all those who have contributed to make this happen.”

“India is the vaccine capital of the world. This agreement is a firm step to also make India the vaccine cold chain capital of the world and reinforces the commitment of B Medical Systems to support India and the world in its fight against COVID19. Our manufacturing facility in Adani’s domestic tariff area is nearly ready and we are now working with reputed equipment manufacturers to establish world class manufacturing in India in a matter of months. Ensuring that any vaccine reaches the remotest parts of the world has been our expertise for more than four decades. Working with the government in India, we hope to eventually vaccinate a billion people. Given the scale of the COVD-19 immunization campaign, we will help the roll-out achieve its goal by ensuring the safe transport and storage of all vaccines from -80°C to +8°C with full traceability throughout the value chain’’, said Mr. Jesal Doshi, the deputy CEO of B Medical Systems and the CEO of the company’s India operations.

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