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The body is essentially the five elements—earth ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

While one can experience the five basic elements in the body through the science of mudras, how does one get the experience of the Shiv tattva?

The Shiv tattva is not experienced by an ordinary person because he does not need it. For a lay person the five senses and their experiences are enough. Shiv is beyond the five tattvas, the partattva, in which all the tattvas reside. Experience of Shiv requires the awakening of Agya through yog under a Guru. You may be given the experience a couple of times forcefully, but till you have control over your basic senses, till you elevate to the level of Agya, it will not happen to you naturally. Even the thought to find Shiv will not come to you.

Even though Shiv is right here, sakshat, but to be able to see Shiv awakening is required, and that is the purpose of yog. When the awakening happens, all the pleasures of the five senses come within it. You can get anything you want just by accessing the Agya but for this yog needs to be done. The entire creation is right in front of you, the body is just this and this body is inside Shiv, which is making the body function. Shiv is at agya but where are you?

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