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“1600 unauthorized colonies have not been regularized, they need immediate attention”


  • Mr Parvesh Sahib Singh

Parvesh Sahib Singh is Member of Parliament from the West Delhi constituency. His father, Late Shri Sahib Singh Verma was a chief minister of Delhi, as well as an MP. Parvesh Sahib Singh is finding it extremely hard to get any work done in his constituency due to non-cooperation from different civic departments of the Delhi Government. He speaks to Editor Sayantan Chakravarty


What are the key areas of focus in West Delhi from where you are MP?

In my constituency basic amenities are missing. We have many unauthorized colonies and villages. There is no water supply to unauthorized colonies, sewage lines are not laid, roads are not built. There is no move by the Delhi Government that is run by the Aam Aadmi Party to regularize these colonies, and, therefore, people living in the 1,600 unauthorized colonies continue to suffer. An estimated Rs 150 crore has been sanctioned by the Delhi Government for work on civic amenities, but nothing has been done since 2014 when BJP swept all the Parliamentary seats in Delhi. One of the secretary-level officers who worked with my father---Late Shri Sahib Singh Verma---when he was chief minister of Delhi told me that there are strict instructions to all officers in Delhi Government not to entertain any instructions from the BJP Member of Parliaments. Now the departments that need to do the work are PWD, Flood, Irrigation, Delhi Jal Board. Even the area DM and SDM have to get involved to work for the betterment of people. But they are under the charge of the Delhi Government.