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“1600 unauthorized colonies have not been regularized, they need immediate attention”


But if they do the work, their own MLAs can take credit. So why are they not doing it?

You will be surprised to know that in my Lok Sabha constituency of West Delhi there are 10 assembly seats, and all of them have AAP MLAs. These MLAs meet me regularly, at odd hours. They ask me to somehow get the work done, as the common people of West Delhi are suffering. They are unable to get the work done from their own departments. The situation is bizarre.


Why are the plans for authorized colonies not being passed by the Delhi Government?

This is a mystery. After all when AAP was campaigning against Sheila Dikshit, one of the points that he made was that if elected, the first thing he would do is alleviate the suffering of those living in unauthorized colonies by regularizing them. Not only has AAP not done it, it has failed in its promise of free water. If there are no pipelines in these colonies, where is the free water going to come from. Next, private water tankers are charging very high prices to deliver water to these colonies. Government tankers with Delhi Jal Board have been done away with. The drivers sit at home, or work part-time elsewhere. They take their salaries on time.


You have often spoken about a West Delhi campus for the Delhi University…

That is right. We have identified 20 acres of land in Roshanpura village. I speak to the Vice Chancellor on a regular basis, a project estimate for four colleges is being made. This will be a great boon for students who have to travel great distances to reach the north campus. Even the Union HRD Minister is very positive about this project.


How do you use your MPLADS funds?

We get Rs 5 crore per year. If I build one road, the entire money will go. Roads can be built by departments, if they want. I have spent Rs 6-7 crore on building open gymnasiums for the public. About 80 have been made, another 90 are in the pipeline. These gyms will help people keep fit, and give them a sense of well-being. Besides, I have spent around Rs 70 lakh on a community centre in Matiala.