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Central Vista to get a new look

Navneet Mishra and Mohammad Suaib

By Navneet Mishra and Mohammad Suaib

The CPWD, the nodal agency under the Ministry of Urban Affairs, is responsible for the completion of this project. It has recently told the Expert Appraisal Committee that a new parliament building will be ready by November 2022. By December 2022, the new residence of the Vice President and Prime Minister will also be ready near the North Block and South Block, respectively. Apart from this, there is also a plan to create a Common Central Secretariat. The SPG building will also be ready by December 2022. Under the project, 46,700 people are estimated to get temporary employment as about a dozen buildings have to be constructed at a cost of Rs 13,450 crore.

A Central government official told IANS: "The government offices are spread in different parts of Delhi causing inconvenience in coordination. The staff has trouble moving from one office to another. This has its own impact on the work. Most of the existing buildings housing central offices have a life of 50 years, they are shabby, in dilapidated condition. These buildings are not even quake-proof. There are architectural flaws in the design, so frequent maintenance is required.

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