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Capgemini donates Rs 50 crore

Capgemini in May committed Rs 50 crore ...

  • Mr Aiman Ezzat

Capgemini in May committed Rs 50 crore to build Covid care ICU facilities, oxygen generation plants, other long-term medical infrastructure and provide relief operations. As part of this effort, Capgemini is in discussions with various state government authorities to set up healthcare facilities across those cities where Capgemini has its presence. This contribution will be in addition to the Capgemini CSR statutory fund in India.

“This second wave of the Covid pandemic in India has been particularly challenging, and we want to ensure all our support to fight this pandemic and come out stronger. At this critical time, we are committed to accelerate medical assistance in India through the Capgemini Social Response Unit. This fund will help to enhance the efforts of the Central and State authorities in building long-term medical infrastructure in India,” Capgemini CEO Aiman Ezzat said in a statement.