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For those who are planning to get married in Mauritius once the borders open, we have created a wedding essentials column. It is very important to be safe even when the borders open up. ..


A Big Fat Wedding always has something new to offer to impress their guests, and this time what is trending in the wedding is a premium dark mineral-rich drink which is one of its kind due to its very unusual colour. Now you can imagine black water being served in weddings making your event a standalone experience and talk of the season. Evocus, Asia’s first Black Alkaline Water enriched with more than 70 minerals, is now trending in Bollywood weddings and parties due to its unique black colour and multi-functionality. This black alkaline water tastes exactly like water and has zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs and its gluten-free. What more healthy water can you ask for? A wedding in India is an emotional event and black water actually takes care of your near and dear ones too in the weddings.

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