June 2021 \ Arts & Entertainment \ COLUMN: YOGI ASHWINI MIND AND BODY

Sun or Surya is the epitome of gyan ...

By Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

The lower energies will whisper things in your ears, try to convince you that you are wasting your time, poison you against your Guru and those on the path, basically try their best to make you stop and take a u-turn to the lower dimensions - to increase their force. These energies typically take the route of emotions - whatever / whoever you are emotional about - that will become their entry point.

The higher energies will also whisper things in your ears, they will interact with you, sometimes in Sanskrit shlokas, sometimes answer your deepest questions, generate your complete trust in them. But then, they too will throw a googly every now then - say something absurd to take you off. Remember, spirituality is a pyramidal structure, there is only so much space at the top…and no one is happy seeing another person progressing, jealousies exist in all dimensions. There was jealousy and competition even at the level of Rishi Vashisht and Rishi Vishvamitra…