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Indian tech honchos on world map

It is time to move over for Microsoft’s Satya Nadella ...

It is time to move over for Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Google’s SundarPichai or Adobe’s Shantanu Narayan as new faces have joined the high-profile league of Indian-led businesses, calling the shots in Silicon Valley and leading the global digital transformation wave. The latest to join the elite tech CEOs’ club is Rajesh Nambiar, currently the Chairman and Managing Director of Cognizant India, who has replaced Malcolm Frank, Executive Vice President and President, Digital Business and Technology at the IT major.

Nambiar, who developed and led Operation C3 (Cognizant Combats COVID-19), brings deep knowledge of applications, data, AI, analytics, infrastructure, cloud, and consulting to his new role that began from June 4. In a short span of time, Nambiar has established himself as a trusted leader among the 200,000 associates of Cognizant in India.