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Thanks to Yusuf Ali, Keralite gets freedom after 6 years

  • Mr M.A. Yusuf Ali

Finally, it was a much awaited and perhaps a walk to freedom by Beks Krishna, when he landed at the Cochin Airport from UAE and this was made possible by none other than billionaire businessman M.A. Yusuf Ali.

“I never expected that this day would ever dawn,” was his first statement after seeing his wife Veena and son Adwaith, who were present at the airport to receive him, when he arrived home in the wee hours of a June morning.

Krishna was in jail for the past six years in Abu Dhabi after his vehicle which he was driving, hit a Sudanese boy, who died soon after the accident happened. Krishna was taken into custody and was sentenced to death. “While being in jail there, I heard about six or seven instances, when similar people were accused in cases like mine, where the sentence was executed. Hence I was very tense,” said Krishna. “But when I heard that Ali Sir had taken up my case, I regained the hope that I lost and it has now become a reality. Will always be grateful to him,” added Krishna. Hailing from Thrissur, his relative, despite several attempts to make truce with the bereaved Sudanese family, failed to make any headway. But things started to change after they got in touch with Ali who also hails from Thrissur. Things started to shine brightly and in January this year Ali deposited a sum of one crore rupees in the court there. Then it was left to the court which gave the green signal of his release and two days back he got the out pass to leave the country and on a June night Krishna boarded the flight for India. Ali has already made his intent clear after first depositing the money in the court, which will go to the Sudanese family and said Krishna can now go and be with his family for some months.


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