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Transform Your Life with Twelve Holistic Principles

By Kul Bhushan

This book will help you to transform your life with twelve holistic, practical principles to overhaul you: your body, mind, heart and spirit. Laced with real life stories of changed lifestyles with easy to practice twelve principles and exercises to enable you to understand and implement them, this book is based on the personal trials and solutions of a highly qualified doctor.

The language is so simple that it seems that Dr. Raj is talking to you personally and the examples he has chosen are also real life cases that he encountered. In his preface, he explains how he came to write this book. He always wanted to be a healer. But he became a doctor instead. But fate wanted him to walk his real path and so he became so ill that he gave up his practice when he recovered and delved into spirituality which is claims his real calling. This is the positive result of his suffering and quest.

After the introduction, each chapter covers one holistic principle that can easily become a part of any health management program. The true stories inspire confidence that each principle works and can be implemented with simple lifestyle changes. Finally, the exercises help to implement them for all round holistic health. In short, feeling at ease with yourself.

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