January 2015 \ Interviews \ Indian Diaspora Interview—Dr Nandini Tandon
"We are committed to take Silicon Valley’s signature entrepreneurship to U.P."

Interview with Dr Nandini Tandon, Founding Partner and Group CEO of Tenacity Group Inc. Dr Nandini Tandon, Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and venture capitalist and Founding Partner and Group CEO of Tenacity Group Inc, spoke to India Empire’s Editor Sayantan Chakravarty. Dr Tandon along with her mentor Dr.B. R.Shetty, Founding Partner and Chairman of Board for Tenacity Group Inc. and her sister, Ms Priya Tandon, Founding Partner CEO, Tenacity India Operations, are spearheading major investments in healthcare / healthcare IT and skill development space in Uttar Pradesh

By Sayantan Chakravarty
  • (L-R): Founding Partners of Tenacity, Ms Priya Tandon, Dr Nandini Tandon, Dr B.R. Shetty along with U.P. Chief Minister Mr Akhilesh Yadav, Advisor NRI Department Mr Madhukar Jetley and Mr Sanjiv Saran, Principal Secretary, IID and NRI Affairs

With the Modi Government pitching for investments into India very aggressively, what are the changes that you are seeing in investor confidence in the USA, the country where you are based?

Investor’s interest in India with Modi Government in the saddle for the past six-plus months has definitely been positive. Investor confidence on the other hand is cautiously waiting for dust to settle and concrete scaffolding to be in place that will be investor friendly and will provide stable development focused ecosystem.