September 2021 \ Interviews \ COVER STORY—BUSINESS INTERVIEW
“Motivated by the encouragement from Indian High Commission”

Interview with Mr Raul Bermudez of, headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

India’s own experience with NGOs and SHGs should allow for fast awareness, acceptance and implementation of similar efforts.

Is social and political leadership catching on to this idea?

Unfortunately, the quality of political practice in T&T is not as we hope. These efforts are born and propagated by the people who need it the most. The vision sharing is not what we hoped for after 6 years but this has not stopped us, regional or international stakeholders from recognizing the approach to food security. Forbes Magazine even featured our progress in 2019 which is yet unrecognized by local politicians, for example.

Thankfully, other like-minded individuals and organizations have been networking with us to obtain Breadfruit trees for their planting activities and outreach. To some extent, our advocacy on matter has triggered national conversation, awareness and even a shortage of planting material as households and farmers grasp the concept and vision motivating this initiative.