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The 15th of August is the National Mourning Day of Bangladesh ...

By Muhammad Imran High Commissioner of Bangladesh to India

When the entire nation was trying to recover from the damages of the devastating war and find the right path for development against all the odds, we lost our beloved leader. Unfortunately, the subsequent regimes blocked the process of justice and rehabilitated the killers instead of punishing them, creating a culture of impunity. However, that process now has been reversed and culprits have received capital punishment through a judicial process that is being implemented.

The assassins killed the Father of the Nation but they could not wipe out the principles and ideals of this great man, rather these are now ingrained in the depth of the heart of the new generation.

The people of Bangladesh overcame all odds with enormous courage and determination, especially during the last decade under the leadership and guidance of the present Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The country is now on the pathway of prosperity. Bangladesh is now a role model for development. The United Nations has announced Bangladesh’s eligibility for graduation to the status of ‘Developing Country’ from ‘Least Developed Country’. By successful launching of Bangabandhu-1 satellite, the first geostationary communication satellite in space, the communication technology of the country has reached a new height.

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