September 2021 \ Diaspora News \ COVER STORY—BUSINESS COLUMN
India and Trinidad & Tobago Bilateral Trade Relations

By Dr Ajay Sahai
  • Dr Ajaya Sahai

Relationship between India and Trinidad & Tobago dates back to 1845 when the first ship carrying 225 Indian indentured workers reached the shores of Trinidad, then a British colony. Their numbers increased with subsequent arrival of more ships from India. The descendents of those indentured workers, now in their fifth generation, form nearly 42 percent of the total population constituting an integral part of the economic, political and social fabric of the country. The presence of a substantial population of Indian origin (the largest ethnic group) has contributed immensely to close bilateral relations between the two countries.

Moreover, the visits and meetings of Heads of State from both the countries have further strengthened bilateral relations between both the countries. Further during recent times, the meeting of Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago Dr Keith C Rowley in London in April, 2018 on the sidelines of the CHOGM Summit, where they discussed various key areas in which cooperation between the two friendly countries could be enhanced further is seen as yet another initiative of strengthening bilateral relationship between both the countries.