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“Prepared for challenge posed by Taliban rise”

By Sumi Khan

Contending that the BNP has lost confidence in contesting the elections, she said its target is to make the polls questionable or destroy the continuation of democracy. “Voters cast votes in the polls spontaneously but efforts have been made to make the polls questionable,” she said. Noting that violent acts, including arson attacks, had been carried out to foil the polls, she said: “But the elections were held. You had experienced development as the atmosphere remained calm after the polls.”

Urging people to make a comparison between the tenure of the BNP and the AL, PM Hasina said the country got recognition of developing country status during her party’s government. “It is my dream that no one will remain homeless, live without food, electricity and education,” she said.

Responding to a question on the formation of the next Election Commission, she said the President would form a search committee for the purpose. The tenure of the incumbent Election Commission, which will oversee the next general polls, will expire in February 2022. Over the recent e-commerce scams, she warned those involved in making money through cheating of stern action. “A group of people is taking advantage of people’s tough time to make money. They must be brought to book,” she added. “We are not sitting idle as culprits have already been arrested. We will find out where they have deposited the money,” she said. On a question on coronavirus vaccines, she said Bangladesh had the capacity to produce vaccines. “We have received responses from the world community and have taken all sorts of preparations in this regard. Hopefully, we will go for production soon,” she said.   


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