By Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

The universe sustains because of balance in nature.  Every force in nature has an equal and opposite force balancing or complementing it, for if something as small as an atom goes into imbalance, it can lead to disaster.  The Atomic bomb is one such example which shows that even the smallest existing force, when out of balance, can create havoc in the universe.  The whole Creation rests on this one principle, and the forces of nature are always at work to maintain this balance.  Day and night, summer and winter, darkness and light, North Pole and South Pole; every force, every phenomenon is complimenting another equally opposing aspect of it in nature.

Positive exists because there is negative; both are necessary, as one cannot exist without the other.  Even if one aspect of Creation increases disproportionately the Creation is at risk of destruction.  Whenever something like this happens there is a need for Divine Intervention.  In the dimension we exist in, the “Bhu Loka”, the Divine comes in the form of an “Avtar” only to correct imbalances.  As a “Deva Avtar” when evil exceeds the prescribed balancing level, and an “Asura” when goodness exceeds the prescribed balancing limit for that level of Creation.

Life itself is balance, as when even the smallest constituent in the body goes out of balance, the result is a disease.  The complete sciences of Yog and Ayurved are based on balance, both aim at achieving a state of balance.  Ayurved deals with balance in detail.  Any imbalance is called “Vikriti” (against nature) and balance as “Prakriti” or nature. Vikriti creates disease and Prakriti health.

All ayurvedic treatments are designed to bring the body in a state of balance.  And the kriyas prescribed in yog, asanas and pranayamas too aim at bringing all the forces, which constitute the various layers of the body, in a state of balance.  The former affects the physical and the latter acts upon the subtler layers thereby translating to the physical.  Pranayamas are done to clear blockages in the etheric body.  There are channels called “nadis” in the etheric body through which prana flows.  The three main nadis are Sushumna (the white column which runs along the spine) the Ida (Chandra or cold nadi) and the Pingala (Surya or hot nadi).  Hyper (fast) and hypo slow pranayamas are done in cohesion to clear the blockages in the etheric layer and distribute prana where there’s excessive collection.  The result is balance, which translates at every layer of the being, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual.

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