By Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

No one technique is picked up in isolation as balance between two opposing forces is necessary to keep the body in harmony, for when there is balance, a higher level of existence is achieved.  It is something similar to what happens in the story of “Samudra Manthan”.  It explains very beautifully the importance of balance in creation and what happens when a state of balance is achieved.

Both Suras and Asuras churned the ocean to obtain ‘Amrit’ the elixir of life.  When Devtas and Asuras collected together to churn the ocean, the Sumeru Parvat was taken as the churner, the Vasuki Nag was used as rope to churn, Sumeru Parvat was put on the back of a tortoise, which was the koorma avtar of Lord Vishnu and on top of the mountain sat Lord Brahma.  The Sumeru Parvat is likened to Sushumna Nadi in a human being, Ida and Pingala to Vasuki Nag entwined around the Sushumna. 

The Kundalini force resides at the base of the Mooladhar Chakra in a shell like that of a tortoise.  When through the practices of yog one is able to balance the flow of Prana in both Ida and Pingala Nadis, then the force called the Kundalini Shakti, rises in the Sushumna Nadi, it results in the achievement of yog or atmasakshatkar, which is like obtaining “Amrit”.  Now along with Amrit what came out also was the most potent form of “Vish”, the ‘halahal’ which nobody was ready to take.  It was then that Lord Shiva, who is said to encompass all aspects of Creation and who does not distinguish between the positive and the negative forces in nature and treats them alike, took the Vish and held it in his throat.

If Amrit is important, the importance of Vish is also depicted here, for it was not destroyed by ingesting it but was held to maintain balance in nature.  Also positive and negative worked together to bring about the desired results, proving that both have to work in tandem in Creation, both have their own place in Creation.

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