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In November 2015, while addressing a gathering of 60,000 Indians at London’s Wembley stadium, David Cameron, the then British Prime Minister, had famously remarked that it wouldn’t be very long before 10 Downing Street had a British-Indian PM.

By Sayantan Chakravarty

Mr Cameron’s forecast, therefore, that the Conservatives will produce the first British Prime Minister of Indian extraction appears to be in the mix. It is now no longer a distant possibility. Also, it would be a considerable change for the rank and file of the right-wing Conservative party—which until 15 years ago was quite white dominated—to rally around a non-white as party leader and Prime Minister.

If a British Indian can become Prime Minister of Britain, then the wheels of destiny of the British Empire that ruled India for two centuries would have turned a full circle. You get to read about this fascinating possibility and much more in this edition of the India Empire Magazine. Have a great year ahead!


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