By Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

I want to warn the reader here that a guru has to be distinguished from a guide, teacher, astrologer, physical fitness trainer or a katha vachak. A guru is all this and beyond. He does not try to feed your ego or tries to please you, he shows you the truth....which in majority of cases people do not want to see, so they falter and let go of the guru’s hand.

It is only your guru who will give you the experience of the higher dimensions and will take you beyond. He will not entertain you by cracking jokes, but he will definitely take you on the path to salvation, beyond the bondages of maya...provided you want that.

The spirit has no other way to break the bondages. So one must search for a guru who takes you beyond, not for someone who keeps you enthralled by tall talks of phenomenal physical success [“get stuck in maya more”] and entertains you, but someone who shows you the mirror and you correct your defects and then go beyond.

One must not get into yog or meet a guru for entertainment and good health, it is foolish to go to meet your guru on weekends when you have nothing else to do, the burning desire for yog must be 24x7. Yog is the final frontier and a journey into the higher dimensions, all that is physical is left behind and the subtler worlds are experienced. If you have the desire to experience more of the physical and also want to do yog, then also you can, but provided you are prepared to experience what the guru gives you and are then ready to move beyond.

All said and done you must be ready to move beyond, knowing very well that when you move beyond all here has to be left......even your guru’s physical body.

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