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“New industries in Goa on self-declaration basis”

  • Mr Mauvin Godinho

PANAJI: Industries in Goa will soon be allowed to set up manufacturing facilities, based on self-declarations, to cut down the red-tape involved in processing licences and getting clearance from government agencies, state Industries Minister Mauvin Godinho said in April. Mauvin Godinho, whose ministry has been tasked with creating a fresh industrial policy for the state, also said that Goa needed to welcome more industries in order to tackle the rising unemployment problem. “The big change which we are trying to bring in is that of self-declaration. Once we are satisfied that so and so industry is a really good industry, which will generate employment which is eco-friendly which is suitable for Goa, we will give them permission on the basis of self-declaration like it is happening in many states,” he said.

“And thereafter they have to comply with various regulations of different departments. So, they would have got all permissions that are necessary to set up alongside the self-declaration. As and when they start their production or they go on stream, before they finally commence production, they would have obtained their permission,” Mauvin Godinho said, adding that new industries would be able to save nearly two years, which are otherwise spent in getting government clearances and permissions.  The Minister also said that top officials from his Ministry had been dispatched to various states and adopted best practices in order to create a healthy atmosphere for industries to develop in the coastal state.  

“My Director of Industries and Secretary, Industries have even gone to other states which I have sent them and I am going to adopt best practices which are prevalent all over India. So, Goa will have such a set of rules,” he said, adding that the state needed to simplify procedures to welcome new industries like MNCs and other big names in the industrial sector.