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By Yogesh Sood


Another luxurious feature that this project provides is the Sky Hub. It is an unprecedented state of the art feature that will leave the city spellbound. Complete with a Splash pool, Library, Cards Lounge, Observatory and Yoga deck, The Sky Hub is the perfect place to connect with one’s inner self. One will be able to enjoy the stunning panoramic views in the exclusive and spectacular area, taking in the incredible skyline on the highest point at Tulip Monsella. Residents may come up to the sky hub to watch the sunrise and sunset... taking in the glory of nature’s gem.


Founded in 2005, Tulip is a company that has achieved excellence through its foresightedness and expertise in the field of Real Estate. With majority of its projects in Gurgaon, Tulip’s work is congruent with high quality and timely delivery. One thing that sets them apart from others in the field is that they have been successful in maintaining zero-debt ever since their inception in 2005 till 2021. They have set a well-grounded benchmark through their residential projects; the company continues to remain undeterred in its objective to provide great value homes.  They have been acknowledged and appreciated by the public for their hard work. In 2019, NDTV profit was awarded to them for being ‘The Most Promising Real Estate Developer of the Year’. A year before that, Hindustan Times titled them as an ‘Iconic Developer for Timely Delivery Award’.

Tulip has delivered more than 6,000 homes spread over 100 acres of built up land. A lot of their projects can be found in Sector 69 and 70, along the southern peripheral road (SPR) in Gurgaon. Their focused vision and undivided dedication helps them develop strategies for the company’s ceaseless growth in the sphere of real estate and construction. With strong values, Tulip continues to remain undeterred in its objective to provide great value homes.

It is safe to say that the future of Tulip Infratech looks promising. With steady growth and timely delivery of their projects over the years, they can be relied upon once again, to deliver a residential marvel.

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