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New York: India-born entrepreneur and author Anu Sehgal has been honoured by New York City Mayor Eric Adams for promoting South Asian cultural literacy in the US. Sehgal, founder and president of The Culture Tree, was honoured on Tuesday at the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Reception 2023 in New York, which was attended by 800 prominent members of the diaspora and Asian communities.

“We’re applauding you for your effort to foster cross-cultural exchange while uniting our vibrant South Asian community together, we look forward to the many ways you have helped the AAPI New Yorkers and you will continue to make a positive difference,” Mayor Adams said.

The Mayor added that he is pleased to recognise the accomplishments of Sehgal, “a proud Indian-American who has strengthened New York for nearly two decades”. The Meerut-born author has lived in America for over two decades, having moved to New York from Delhi in 1995, post her graduation.

Sehgal says after moving to the US, she was starved for authentic Indian experiences and community, and once she became a parent, the lack of quality and authentic Indian programs and classes became even more evident to her. As an active parent, Sehgal says that an awareness of one’s heritage, culture and language is key for children to become self-aware and confident individuals.

“As a cultural educator, I am looking forward to providing children with authentic, immersive and inspiring experiences. Through classes and events, we can offer cross-cultural exposure that can help shape knowledgeable, open-minded and respectful individuals,” Sehgal says in her website bio.

She founded The Culture Tree in 2016 with an aim to provide South Asian children with the opportunity to learn about and be proud of their South Asian Culture.


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