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New Delhi: Brand Tata must be recognisable across all companies, Tata Sons Chairman N. Chandrasekaran’s said in a letter to group employees for New Year. Stating that there are three areas to prioritize in 2024, Chandrasekaran said: “First: Execution. Now that we know what we have to do, and our plans have momentum, we need to think hard about how we can execute them flawlessly and with speed.

“Second: Customer satisfaction. The next decade will belong to companies which excel in giving customers excellent experiences. With our growing footprint in consumer businesses, we have to bring empathy to every interaction -- be that in Air India, Tata Motors or Titan. Brand Tata must be recognisable across all companies.

“Third: Technology. Our Group’s aim should not be merely to adopt, or adapt to, technology. We need to shape it, and make it. This New Year, I urge each company to appoint an AI champion to proactively pursue the benefits of AI -- economically, operationally and socially.”

“This year, it has been immensely satisfying to see our commitment to innovation and progress show up so clearly in our financial results. In 2023, the combined market capitalisation of Tata Group companies increased by 32 per cent, nearly double the rate of the Sensex, which rose by 17 per cent,” Chandrasekaran said.

“I am thrilled that in this difficult global context, our Group performed admirably in 2023. Our transformation -- following the principles of simplification, synergy, scale, sustainability, supply chain and AI -- has progressed well across companies.

“There are too many successes to list here. We also celebrated Tata Technologies’ historic IPO, and the announcement of new gigafactories -- exciting moves that I am confident will bring resilient growth for decades to come,” he added.

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