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New Delhi: The revenue from goods traffic earned by Indian Railways has gone up by Rs 4,626.92 crores to Rs 12,5106.2 crore during April-December in the current financial year from Rs 12,0479.3 crore in the same period last year, according to official figures released in early January 2024.

On a cumulative basis from April-December 2023, freight loading of 1,154.67 MT was achieved against last year’s loading of 1,109.38 MT, which is an improvement of 45.28 MT, the statement said. During the month of December 2023, originating freight loading of 138.99 MT has been achieved against loading of 130.66 MT in December 2022, which is an improvement of 6.37 per cent over last year. Freight revenue of Rs 15,097.61 crore has been achieved in December 2023 against Rs 14,574.25 crore freight earnings in December 2022, thereby showing an improvement of about 3.59 per cent over the last year.

Indian Railways achieved loading of 69 MT in coal, 16.54 MT in iron ore, 6 MT in pig iron and finished steel, 7.23 MT in cement (excluding clinker), 5.07 MT in clinker, 4.26 MT in foodgrains, 5.77 MT in fertilisers, 4.33 MT in mineral oil, 7.70 MT in containers, and 9.76 MT in Balance Other Goods during December 2023.