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NRI Undertakes Yatra

 Non-resident Indian, K K Sarachandra Bose, is undertaking an expedition, Bharat Yatra, to spread awareness about the need to eradicate caste system in our society.

The Dubai-based Bose, who appealed to the Government of India, to take firm steps to eradicate the caste system, reached here on Tuesday evening. Bose began his 40-day Bharat Yatra, which was flagged off in Thiruvananthapuram, on June 9.

Along with a team of 34 volunteers, the sexagenarian is addressing people across the States during the yathra before reaching Delhi mid-July, covering a distance of almost 14,000 km. Bose, who will travel to Chennai next, is yet to get the necessary permission for his yathra to enter TN.

Stressing that he is confident that he would be given the nod,Bose said he was determined to go ahead as he was free to travel anywhere in the country as a citizen.

Interestingly, Bose served a notice on the Government of India for Constitutional reforms, to eradicate caste system in the country, by or before 31 December 2014.

Bose, who has been practicing law in the Gulf for three-and-a-half decades and is a member of the International Bar Association, has also authored a book ‘Caste Away! India, Hinduism & Untouchability.’

Detailing his decision to undertake the Bharat Yatra, he said “The Supreme Court of India has ruled that the caste system conveyed the message ‘Divided We are - Come and Rule Us’.

The caste system is a curse on the nation and the sooner it is destroyed the better, as the apex court has noted.” He claimed that the yathra, undertaken in vehicles, got overwhelming response.

Stressing that it’s time for change, he expressed confidence that PM Narendra Modi would work towards the eradication of the evil system.

Bose, who hails from a village in central Travancore of Kerala, is a partner of a leading legal consultancy firm in Dubai.

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