August 2014 \
The Secret Of OM

By Yogi Ashwini Ji


Human being has been on this planet for atleast 5 lakh years of recorded history. And all this time he has thought that only he exists, no one else and he continues to live for himself. When the time comes to leave the body he starts looking upwards, even the biggest of non-believers or atheists do this, but then it is too late and once again the cycle starts. This is the reality of om. It is the reality of OM only that can take you towards reality, that can take you from darkness to light. Besides this, no matter what you do, will get you stuck in the unreal. This was the reason why in the times of Vedas there was no religion. There was only shakti and humans would connect with those shaktis and go with them only.

There are more than 8 billion people inhabiting the earth right now, and since each person has a specific desire, there are as many desires as well. Have you ever seen two people with the same desire? If two people had the same desire, then they would become one, even the bodies would merge. It is desire that differentiates one from the other and desire that got the creation to start. There are 8 million desires, how many can you fulfill? Even if you fulfill them all, at the end of it there will still be pain. Because that object of desire too will leave you one day, as that too is time bound. So whether the desire is fulfilled or not, you will still get pain. Neither you nor those around you will be happy still.

When you cannot even make yourself or anybody else happy then what are you trying to do? Everybody who is in your house, was in someone else’s before that and after your house s/he will go to some other house. If you do not believe in this, you can come to Dhyan Ashram for a past life session to know what all houses have you been in. We had done a past life session at the last havan where a lady went back to her previous life and traced the house where she used to live – a temple in which she got cursed. She went back, found out about the temple and met an old pujari who confirmed the episode of the curse. So she got all the details and is certain that she actually did live in a village in Jhansi in her last birth. But now she is in more pain, unable to decide which is her real house and identity. So much so, that on the marriage invitation of her son, she has got the letters ‘khoob ladi mardani wo toh Jhansi wali rani thi’ printed (since she was a part of the troop). Imagine this written on a marriage card. Think of the emotions running inside her. That is why we do not conduct past life sessions with many, because not all can handle the truth. But the truth is that you are nobody’s, not even your own body and yet you are everybody’s. But to become of everyone, you have to first become your own self, you have to understand your reality. Those small oms are youryonis, your myriad lives, which are a lie. And the ooooomm is real, you are that. Some might still argue – ‘that is also om, this is also om. What is the difference?’ The difference is only of real and unreal. If you go towards the real, then you will reach before time, go beyond the bondage of time. If you stay in unreal, then you will get tied in the cycle of time and stay stuck in the small oms again and again.

Think about it, in your life of fifty something, you must have had more than one relationship…If in this life itself you have had more than one relationship, how many relationships would you have had in all your births combined? As soon as one relationship ends, another one starts. Is anyone satisfied with a single person? That is the swaroop of maya, that is reality. The thing which is unreal is real for you because you only want the unreal. Had you wanted the real, you would have left everything and come to the ashram, but you just do not want it. You can see that you are eventually going to fall off the cliff, but you still want take few steps more. You can see the funeral pyre waiting for you but you would rather cover your eyes with your hands and go on a little longer. So keep going on for as long as you please, the end is still the same – pain.

This is the secret of om and the nights like diwali, holi, shivratri and gurupurnima are for awakening the shakti of om only. Instead of wasting them in useless temporary things, move towards real from the unreal. Focus on the sloka – tamaso maa jyotirgamayo (from darkness take me to light) or keep going on. Just think of the person moving towards the edge of the cliff with hands on his eyes…