August 2014 \
Travel Star

Mr Nohar Singh
Country: Guyana
Designation: Life Member

Nohar Singh was born in Guyana and migrated to the United States of America at the age of 12. He is presently the President and CEO of Travelspan Inc. NY, Travelspan GT (Guyana), Amrals Travel (Trinidad) and Globespan Technologies (Guyana).

From a very early age Mr Singh was very sure of the future he wanted and that was to be a successful and distinguished business man, and with that over whelming desire his entrepreneurial skills have always been at the forefront. He is often described as a very versatile individual; simply because his experience spans a vast business arena affording him the ability to relate at many levels to many sectors.

He started off his first business Majestic Inc. in 1984 in the clothing and fashion industry with a vision to be involved in presenting quality products. As a result of that vision Nohar was able to design and manufacture his own clothing line by being involved in every stage of the process.

In 1989 he ventured out to pursue his first love which was the aviation industry, and after twenty two years he has remained with his first love. During these twenty two years Nohar has acquired a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. He was able to breakthrough many Caribbean Markets like Trinidad by providing top quality, unbeatable service and prices via his “Charter Programs” which was unheard of in his time.

His negotiation skills enabled him to venture into multimillion contracts for various types of equipments like the B757, B737 and B767 aircrafts. He was able to move over 120,000 passengers with a staff of 175; allowing him to tap into other markets like Guyana, Grenada and the Dominican Republic. Mr Singh was also able to develop, operate and manage a “Tour Program” to service specific leisure markets such as Puerto Plata and Punta Cana. Expanded with over 35,000 hotel contract accessible through his online booking engine

Though being in the airline industry, Mr Singh has constantly kept abreast with the changing climate of the business arena and is always looking and securing other ventures; thereby keeping him in a volatile mode.

While he has the interest of business he has endeavored never to leave his roots behind. He has a deep desire to contribute his experiences of business and real life issues to his community and the younger generation. That is why being a part of the GOPIO is important to him.

The organization, he says, allows him to give back to his people in a very tangible way. Mr Singh is very much interested in seeing the West Indian future generation carrying with them the knowledge and appreciation of the history of their ancestors. In doing so he thinks we can build a stronger future while preserving history and at the same time forming alliances that will only propel the younger generation to its fullest potential. With his vast knowledge and experience he is a great asset to the GOPIO.