January 2014 \ Interviews \ Empire Feature
“Real estate investment in India is safe for NRIs”

Interview with DR Anil Sharma, CMD, Amrapali Group and President, CREDAI—NCR

What is the investment like at times like these?
They drive business by about 12-18 per cent. The business stems from their desire to own a second home in India. The business is quite huge, and it emanates from countries like the UAE, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA and Thailand. Also, remember, Indian real estate sector has both quality and potential to provide long-term, secure and high-value returns. It is third largest employer in the Indian economy after agriculture and railways and contributes close to 7 per cent to India’s GDP.

What does the future hold in store?
Amrapali Group will continue to expand its efforts to grow by meeting customer needs today and in the future by continuing to build partnerships based on trust, and also by establishing direct relationships with the customers. They accomplish this by responding to changing market conditions, building a performance driven culture that continues to provide value-added construction services to the customers, by improving job-site productivity through effective job controls, maintaining a safe workplace, and utilising the latest technology and by creating an environment that fosters growth and development of the people.