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The Purity Of Tattvas

By Yogi Ashwini

Look at your state today. How pleasurable is it? And then think that with every new birth you take, it is going to get worse and worse...Think of the air, water and land that was thirty years back, think of how Shankaracharya described the scenario 1000 years back and think of the times of Mahabharat 4,500 years back - the kind of environment, body and quality of life people had back then. There are enough modern studies that go on to prove that the capacity and size of human body and brain has diminished over the years. Imagine the glow and attraction of the people who lived 5000 years back. At that time, tattvas were pure. By living and doing for just yourself, you have polluted those elements considerably. It is the same polluted elements that make up your body. And that is why you look the way you do. In fact your present lifestyle is such that you are only polluting these elements further with every pleasure that you indulge in, every time that you collect more for yourself.

Just think about it. You have indulged in countless pleasures; you have come all the way from satyug through treta and dwapar to this yug doing just that - living for your own self. Those who thought of others were granted moksha long before, it is the ones who still cannot think beyond themselves who are taking birth now and have to bear the pains of a deteriorating yug. What was pleasure in satyug has now taken form of pain and grief and the term pleasure has lost its meaning... The kids today take pleasure in exposing themselves to radiation and spelling doom for their senses by indulging in television, computers and mobile phones. They have neither the experience nor idea of what clean air, water or earth is. The parks that you visit are sprinkled with sewage water, so the pleasure of walking barefoot—receiving fresh prana through the chakras at the sole of the foot—does not exist. Even in tourist destinations like Singapore, the top hotels are using recycled water. That is, the water that you flush out in the toilet is the same that is made available to you for bathing after treatment. While the bacteria are removed, the prana remains the same. It is said that the waste of a higher shreni is passed on to the one below and so on but here, you are bathing in your own waste... In fact, now we have reached a stage where even drinking water is 20% recycled and this percentage is only going to increase with time. So think of where we have come down to and as you still enjoy and take some more pleasure even in this ‘hell’, do not forget proportionate amount of pain awaits you because unless you feel the pain, you will not remember the shakti... till you remember the shakti you cannot merge back into it and till you merge into it the new yug will not start. That is why towards the end of kaliyug pain increases manifold so that there is a faster exit for you. If even after bearing so much pain, you still want to come back then you will be the plants, trees and insects of the next yug. Your behaviour is your truth and if your truth is that of an insect who is only concerned about its own food, drink and pleasure, then your next birth will be that of an insect only. When these insects bear pain for many births, then they slowly rise.

There can be only two reasons to living in this yug. One is your desire for more pleasure (I mean pain), the other being the compulsion of a task or responsibility entrusted upon on you by your Guru or some higher energy without completing which you cannot get moksha. There are certain energies that are tied to this creation because they have a duty to fulfill, e.g. the sun and the moon. Similarly, there are certain beings on earth who do not get moksha because they have to serve a purpose (karya purti)... these beings become the rishis, munis and devas in the next yug. The devtas are not permanent entities, they are posts which are filled by different beings from time to time depending upon their karmas and desires The people who think and work for others, who are aiding the creation, it is possible that they become devi-devtas of the next yug because that is the nature of a dev and those who are thinking only about just themselves will surely become insects. This is nature.

There is only one way to get out of pain and grief and that is karma. Karma is foremost in creation. And karma is not praying well for someone and then resuming whatever pleasures you are busy having, you actually have to make the effort and act it out. Because you are still searching for pleasure—be it food, dance or having babies—you are destroying your positive karmas, even if the pleasure is in feeding animals. Therefore our ancients spoke of vairagya... na paapam na punyam na sukham na dukham... it is then that your swaroop can be of sat-chit-anand and shivoham, not before that.

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