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World Dance Day

HTC presents Sadhya World Dance Day 2015, in association with Kamla Pasand, “No Boundaries” at Kamani Auditorium, on 29thApril. The purpose of the event was not just to celebrate the art, but also to bring the dance exponents and upcoming talent on one stage. This year, Sadhya brought together 130 artists in a unique manner to create a visual treat of different dance styles from traditional to contemporary forms.

The dancing extravaganza began with Aayam Dance Company’s beautiful classical performance. They struck the chord with the audience and the momentum was maintained until the very end. Later, one participant from each dancing group came forward and created a colorful canvas of art.

Sadhya, presented two performances, while their first performance was inspired by ancient tradition of yoga, where the artists challenged themselves to create difficult poses with much ease; their second performance took inspiration from Mayurbhanj Chhau, where the artists reflected the movement of birds.

The crowd went ecstatic when the young girls took over the stage and performed ballet. In their beautiful ballerina costumes and shoes, they mesmerized one and all. After witnessing this modern dance style, we were treated with an Odissi performance, performed by the students of Odissi exponent Guru Ranjana Gauhar. The composition was marked by beautiful poses and neat lines, which were based on Raag – Shabkrabranam.

We were treated by two visually appeasing performances, as performed by Danceworx and Banjara School of Dance. The dance school of two exponents, Pt. Birju Maharaj (Kalashram) and Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan’s troupe reaffirmed the status of Kathak and Bharatnatayam, respectively. At the end, the Invincible took everyone by storm with their Michael Jackson move.

The finale performance brought the 130 artistes on the stage that created an awe-inspiring and breath-taking visual. Pt. Birju Maharaj said, “One should know how to celebrate music and dance. God has created beats and music for everyone, one need to find it within oneself.”

Mr. Santosh Nair, Artistic Director, Sadhya said, “World dance day to me is a day where you rise above the self…there is no you or is only we”.

“One should know how to celebrate music and dance. God has created beats and music for everyone, one need to find it within oneself”

—Pt. Birju Maharaj

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