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Rudy in Melbourne

By Kul Bhushan in New Delhi and Sudershan Gupta in Melbourne

 On 26 May 2015, the first anniversary of Prime Minister Modi’s government, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, the Minister for State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, addressed leaders of the Indian diaspora in Melbourne, Australia. He said it was a special day for his government.

He was leading a delegation of ten Indian MPs to Australia to follow up the successful visit of the Prime Minister and learn about several good practices in Australia. Rudi, accompanied by his wife, said the Modi government had completed one year in office. Rudi praised the accompanying MPs from all parties but was hesitant to talk much about the BJP achievements.

Answering a question about what has been done for creating a skilled pool for the benefit of the developed world as outlined by Modi, he said that the government was focusing on skills development for the youth and had created a strong foundation to build on. The delegation earlier visited a skill development institute in Melbourne to observe it at work. These MPs were observing and learning a great deal and the Non-BJP ones may ultimately support the government in approving some new initiatives and bills. Two MPs are Arjuna awardees in soccer and hockey, both popular in Australia. The MPs dined on different tables to interact with the Australian Indians. Also present were a few Indian high commission officials.

On his first overseas official trip, the minister answered a number of questions about NRI issues and their relationship with India. He hoped to get their support for the new projects such as Make it India, Digital India, Clean India among others.

Members of the Indian diaspora said they were enjoying their life in a developed country like Australia and were willing to help India. A community leader claimed his association is supporting 1,400 students. He mentioned their donations for Nepal earthquake and Andhra cyclone, among other causes. Karan Singh, the trustee of a unique old age home for Indians, said this was the first such project in the Indian diaspora in partnership with the Dutch community. A smart village blue print was presented to the minister. The minister invited the Australian Indians to send in their suggestions for India’s progress.

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