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Canadian PM hails Indian diaspora

  • Mr Stephen Harper

 Indo-Canadians are the largest and most successful Indian diaspora anywhere on this earth, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper said. On a visit to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Toronto, Mr Harper said: “In this uncertain and dangerous world, it is most comforting to know that Canada has certain friends like India.”

“Canada’s relationship with India is special because despite the enormous differences between our two countries, we have a growing economic relationship,” said the prime minister, the Toronto Sun reported. The Conservative Party leader said Indian immigration to Canada increased 35 percent since his government took office in 2006. “We have welcomed over 300,000 permanent residents from India. At the same time, nearly 200,000 Indian immigrants have gone on to become Canadian citizens - nearly double the number under the previous government,” Mr Harper said.

The prime minister praised the temple as “one of the greatest pieces of architecture in our land”. It was Mr Harper’s third visit to the temple since becoming the prime minister.