Some time back a Western psychologist...

By Yogi Ashwini
  • Yogi Ashwini

Some time back a Western psychologist came up with a ‘grand theory’. The theory goes on to explain how the concept of Guru is fake, and how miracle experiences that one gets in the presence of a Guru are nothing but a psychological tactic.

The psychologist conducted an experiment where he placed a subject amidst a hired group of people. The group was shown two lines, A and B and asked which is longer. Everyone in the group said line B was longer, the subject was a little confused and answered hesitatingly that to him line A appeared longer. The same experiment was repeated for many days together, after which it was observed that the subject started agreeing with the group answer. Even though line A was longer than B, because of the group effect, he actually started believing line B to be longer. This according to the psychologist is the working model for all the Gurus in the world. He alleges that at every Guru’s ashram, there are some who are trained to say they had a divine experience and the new participants due to the tendency to conform, find themselves repeating what the group is saying. Despite having no such experience, they force believe that they too are seeing and experiencing what the others claim to experience.

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