Some time back a Western psychologist...

By Yogi Ashwini

The thing about Kaliyug is that asurik vritti prevails. It is this vritti that makes it so difficult for the modern man to walk on the path of spirituality, leading him/her to think it does not exist or that it is a waste of time or that he/she is losing head. So when such psychologists come up with such absurd theories, it is covered extensively by the media and due to the effect of media, majority accepts it and calls it a grand theory. It is not a grand theory, it is foolishness.

At Dhyan Ashram, practitioners (new and old) hailing from different religions, geographies and professional backgrounds—doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, homemakers—are testimony to the power and efficacy of yoga under the sanidhya of Guru. Each has his/her set of unique (individual) experiences which they have had without any auto-suggestion. In fact, a basic guideline to each sadhak at Dhyan Ashram is to share their experience with their Guru alone, for sharing them in public reduces their power (unless instructed otherwise by the Guru). Some of the leading doctors of the country have validated the science of clairvoyance and its healing abilities of Sanatan Kriya practitioners.

In fact, I was once lecturing at the Oxford University, London where, as usual, the crowd was unwilling to accept the power of Guru. So then I asked few of them, if they would like to have a live demonstration of the power of yoga and Guru. They agreed. I made them do dhyan for about fifteen-twenty minutes after which each one, though hesitantly, had a unique experience to share—these people were all educated, some even from the media. The next day, I asked them if they would like to continue now that they had a first-hand experience. The common response was, ‘No. I think I am losing my mind because of this.’ So, even after having an experience, the mind is unwilling to accept.

Psychology is a nascent science and has a lot to learn from our ancient wisdom. The ancient masters studied the human mind and behaviour in depth, and 4,500 years ago (compare this to modern psychology which came 500 years back) gave us detailed treatise on the mind and its modifications in the form of Patanjali Yogsutras. The yogsutras are an encyclopaedia of psychology. You might be surprised that 4,500 years back Patanjali had listed ‘bhranti darshan’ (thinking the yogic sciences and its related experiences to be false) as one of the distractions of mind that prevent one from walking the path of spirituality! And Patanjali got this gyan under the sanidhya of a Guru only.

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