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Raising the Bar

Mr K K Anand, Advocate for NRI causes

  • Mr K K Anand

Introduction: German philosopher Albert Schweitzer once said that “success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Mr K K Anand, born and raised in Punjab, embodies this statement. As a much sought after and busy advocate in the bar rooms, Mr Anand travels to courts across the country throughout the month, attending to a range of matters. He is an absolute master of his subjects. He totally loves his profession that has allowed him to scale heights he never thought were possible, especially when as a young student at a school in Khanna, Punjab he was trying to come to terms with the ways of the world. When he moved from Chandigarh after completing his legal studies to Delhi in 1987, he was acutely conscious about wanting to add life to his career, and not just a career to his life. That he has managed to accomplish with a great deal of aplomb. He is indeed happy and joyful about what he does, and success has shadowed his steps over the past quarter century. Clients have queued up to brief him cases, they come from all sectors—public, private, corporate and multinational. Even after years of hard work, and having won dozens of cases, he still does not hesitate to burn the midnight oil, trying to work the best solutions for his clients. He believes sincerely that NRIs, sitting far away from India, need good guidance on a range of issues, and is willing to serve them genuinely in times to come. Here’s a brief Q and A with him

What according to you is the secret of attaining success in the profession?

Sincerity towards your profession, and lots of hard work. I believe that until you are sincere towards your profession and you put in lot of effort, you cannot attain success in your life or in your profession.

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