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Nirmal Sinha HONOURED

  • Mr Nirmal Sinha has been inducted to the 2015 Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame honorees

Ohio’s well-known Indian community leader Nirmal Sinha was inducted into the Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame on October 15.

As a representative of the Asian Indian community, Mr Sinha has received national recognition for his civil rights contribution. Serving as President and Trustee of the Federation of Asian Indian Associations (FIA) of Central Ohio, President of the Asian Indian American Business Group (AIABG) and a member of the Asian Indian Alliance of Ohio, Sinha has helped Ohio grow in its diversity and acceptance of the Asian Indian Community.

In order to promote trade and international relations of Ohio, Sinha regularly hosts business leaders and diplomatic delegates from various countries such as Russia, China, South Africa and India. He accompanied President Clinton during his visit to India for promoting international trade.

As Commissioner of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission from 1991 through 2006, Sinha developed programs to welcome new immigrants to the U.S. and created outreach programs for various ethnic groups including Asian and Hispanic communities. 1n 2003, Mr. Sinha received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor which recognizes American citizens who celebrate their history, traditions and values of their ancestry while exemplifying the values of the American way of life.

As one supporter said, “Mr. Sinha approaches every challenge with empathy, reason, passion and dignity.”

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