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Gurugram needn’t go Detroit way

Cities and regions always have a variety of factors that come into play to pull them out of anonymity...

By Amit Kapoor

Gurugram needs to reinvent itself if it has to survive. The existence of a thriving services hub in the form of its outsourcing and off-shoring industry works well in its favour. But the government needs to step in to address the issue of resource exploitation that was bound to ensue with higher dependence on private solutions for public services. At the same time, the state government should also utilise this opportunity to build manufacturing clusters in surrounding suburban cities, which can serve the purposes which Gurugram cannot any more. Such opportunities of regional and cluster development should not be missed.

—Amit Kapoor is chair, Institute for Competitiveness. Chirag Yadav, senior researcher, Institute for Competitiveness, has contributed to the article


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