August 2015 \ Interviews \ Key Diplomatic Interview
“We would like Indian investors to come to Slovenia”

In an interview on bilateral relations, engagement policies and business opportunities, Ambassador of Slovenia to India, Ms Darja Bavdaž Kuret opens up with India Empire’s Assistant Editor Misha Singh...

What is Slovenia’s engagement policy in the Make in India campaign?

As I said Slovenia’s engagement is the technology transfer. One is the JVs in Gurgaon is for the production of smart green boxes with use of Slovenian technology. There is also a JV with Kejriwal Exporters, coming up shortly. Here products such as royal jelly, cosmetics and others will be made from honey.

Please outline for us the presence of Slovenia’s companies in India, and Indian companies in Slovenia…

There are hardly any Indian companies in Slovenia. The presence of Slovenian companies in India is also not very prominent. Few Slovenian companies operating in India are Adria Airways, Gorenje, Gostol, Krka, Premogovniki, Petra Zage, Kolektor, Robotina and Gensipping Pacific Line Pte Ltd, Singapore - Splosna Plova Portoroz.

An agreement on Gainful Occupation of Dependents of Members of Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts was signed between Slovenia and India in April 2015. Kindly brief us about the same.

In diplomacy if there is not an agreement, the spouses of the diplomats cannot work for a salary, they can only engage in voluntary work. With the agreement, spouses get an opportunity to continue their occupation in a foreign country.

What is role of Balkan strategy in promotion of Slovenia’s national interests?

Historically, we were a part of Yugoslavia, which was also a Balkan country. When it comes to our geographic position, we are not a part of Balkans. But we have established comprehensive relations with Balkan as we were a part of the peace initiative in the European Union which aimed at finding solutions for the Balkans. Luckily, the situation in the Balkans is now stabilized. We have traditionally good economic and political relations with countries like Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and even Bosnia and Herzegovina. Slovenia’s President Mr Borut Pahor also launched a dialogue called ‘Brdo Process’ where the leaders of area meet to strengthen the relations amongst the Yugoslavian states. This is a comprehensive process to bring the countries that used to be in war, closer.