Czechs like railways. And you?

Few countries in the world have their history, present and prospects connected as much with the railways as the Czech Republic...

Few countries in the world have their history, present and prospects connected as much with the railways as the Czech Republic. The industry, on which has always been based the magic of the growth of the Czech economy as one of the most dynamically developing economies of Europe connecting Ceské Budejovice and Linz in Austria has already passed 191 years ago, however the magic of steam and aroma of oil has remained in the souls of many Czechs up to now, when we are already driving at speeds of over 150 km/h in air-conditioned coaches with excellent onboard service of either state or private carriers in the world’s densest rail network. Railways in the Czech Republic have grown to be accessible, safe, first-rate and comfortable way of transporting common citizens as well as managers or commuters on their way to work. Accessibility, but also the speed and interconnectivity of transport, is the main strength that attracts customers as well as investors in passenger and freight transport, both in operation and in production. When there is a talk about railway products, it is no surprise that such advanced networks have been gaining from ages of experience of the world’s leading railway manufacturers, who compete or even surpass their rivals from the Far East or Europe, and yet represent an economically viable alternative to substantiating large references verified by decades of hard work. Indeed, innovations were a propelling factor for advancing decades ago, based on the excellence and skills of industrial enterprises. Electric units and high-quality traction have been developed by Skoda Electric since ever, and Škoda Transportation’s rolling stock rides the capital cities around the world. Brakes from DAKO are synonymous for safety and represent one of the most important export items to India. Telecommunication, safety and signaling technologies for railway operations are provided by experienced companies TTC-Marconi, První Signální and AŽD. BONATRANS is the first ever foreign direct investment in India under the flagship program of the Indian government “Make in India”, and the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Aurangabad is, in addition to the Škoda car manufacturer, the most important fingerprint of Czech competitiveness and skills in India.

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