November 2018 \ Interviews \ DIPLOMATIC INTERVIEW
“There has been a big spike in tourists from India to Zambia”

Mr Bangwe Naviley Chisenga, First Secretary, Press and Tourism, High Commission of the Republic of Zambia, speaks to India Empire Magazine’s Editor and Publisher Sayantan Chakravarty at the High Commission in New Delhi

So you can book online or walk in and get quality places where you can spend the night. With a good currency in Zambia which is the Kwacha you can do wonders with your money that you carry for tourism purposes. You won’t be stranded once you carry a dollar. Zambia now has many specialists in Walking Safaris in Kafue and North Luangwa National Parks. So in terms of safety of the tourists I can guarantee you that for the thousands who do walking safaris in the African bush every year, safety is hundred per cent guaranteed.


For Indian investors interested in the tourism and hospitality sectors what are the best areas to explore?

The areas are totally unlimited. We have all the tourist sites and national parks where you can go and put up your investments and you’ll attract international and local tourists. So tourists and businessmen have an opportunity to partner the Zambian nationals. It is much better if you partner with Zambians. To develop something like the Mulungushi International Conference Centre you can partner with Zambians to ensure there is a development of an ultra-modern conference facility in Livingstone. You can also partner to ensure to build more lodges in Kafue national park where an additional 120 beds are required. I’d conclude that Zambia is regarded as one of the most beautiful, friendly, diverse and unspoiled countries in the entire African Continent. The water is fresh, you can drink direct from the river. Our aquatic environment is as it was created by God. And also the air is clean and pure. It is just a perfect place for you to live.