We are not alone. Earth is a dimension of existence and has within its fold various other dimensions, some perceivable ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

Stage 1. The pishach picks on the weakest link in the family and enters him/her through a weakness—food or drink or sex, a sensory pleasure. He ensures that this person meets a human who could pollute him through one of the basic vices. The pishach then convinces the person that this human is an excellent person, visions are shown and slowly trust is built up. When the two become very close, the pishach slowly starts to distance the friend from the person—by showing him as a devil in visions, or by whispering negative things about him/her. A conflict develops, there are minor arguments, the pishach feeds on this and gains health, the person and the friends become weaker.

Stage 2. When the person goes home, he carries with him a vice and negative emotion. This immediately creates a clash in the family, arguments start, alcohol is introduced, fights begin. The pishach becomes stronger, he now starts controlling the brains of the family members. Slowly he whispers in their ears negative things about each other, distrust is built, egos clash, fights increase, as does the negativity in the house. The more the clashes, the more the negativity, more the food for pishach. Pishach feeds on this and becomes very strong, the family on the other hand becomes weak. The law—energy cannot be created or destroyed but it only changes form—is at play. The happy positive energy of the household has changed into food for the pishach.

Stage 3. The family members meet more negative people outside—new friends, drinking bouts, fights, clashes, emotional turmoil, unhappiness, unfulfillment, chasing the unreal, trusting corrupt gurus and getting upayas, resorting to black magic in the name of pujas, chasing money, thinking it to be the finality, becoming intolerant, deriving tamasic pleasure out of another human or animal’s pain, feeding egos—all this now is a daily affair. The pishach gets more food and becomes so strong that he now controls more and more households...societies, countries, leading to utter chaos and finally destruction.