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By Dr Avdesh Sharma

The section on Spirituality/Religion and Psychiatry of World Psychiatric Association is a vibrant body, chaired by Dr. Alexander Moreira-Almeida (Brazil) and co-chaired by Dr. Avdesh Sharma (India). The 4th Global Meeting in Spirituality & Mental Health is going to be held on 1-4th December, 2019 (www.rsp2019.org) in Jerusalem, Israel and would attract luminaries in the field of Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health as well as the interface between these. We feel that community participation is the key to positive Mental Health & Well-Being and invite you to be part of the event which would be inclusive and secular to ensure that ancient wisdom of various cultures, religions and spiritual practices is available to all for a meaningfully productive life full of Health, Happiness, Harmony, Peace and Prosperity.

—Dr. Avdesh Sharma, Chairperson: International Organizing Committee, 4th Global Meeting in Spirituality & Mental Health (World Psychiatric Association) Email: rsp2019@target-conferences.com & sharmaavdesh@gmail.com

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