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Turnaround King

The west coast of the United States has become a region that houses some of the finest Indian brains in the world. Bob Bawa ...

Although his turnaround efforts across varied industries proved successful, Bob continued to seek entrepreneurial opportu-nities, particularly in the aerospace field. In 2003, his reputation for turnarounds lit a possible path toward his goal. While CFO of Ralee Engineering, a subsidiary of Triumph Group, he was selected by management to become Vice President / General Manager of another division, LA Gauge Company. The division specialized in ultraprecision machining of exotic materials, such as beryllium, for the aerospace and defense industry. At the time, it was a struggling company with $4M in revenues and negative profitability and hardly any backlog of business. He quickly realized that a true turnaround effort required significant investment in equipment and long term contracts. He secured major contracts with Lockheed Martin. However, Triumph Group was reluctant to make the required investments to deliver on these contracts. Bob saw an opportunity to achieve his lifelong goal to own and manage an aerospace company. He succeeded in purchasing LA Gauge Company from Triumph Group in 2007. His entrepreneurial dream had become a reality.