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IEE’s SBR business in India

Luxembourg-based sensing specialist IEE, was founded in 1989 and currently ...

Luxembourg-based sensing specialist IEE, was founded in 1989 and currently has operations in Europe, America and Asia. This innovation driven company is a worldwide pioneer in Passenger Presence Detection and one of the leading suppliers of advanced automotive interior sensing solutions. IEE is the global market leader for Occupant Detection Systems, selling their Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) system to almost every Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. SBR, an occupant detection sensor, triggers an audiovisual warning reminding unbelted occupants to put on their seat belts. It provides a highly effective way to increase seat belt wearing rates and as a result saves lives, since a crash at only 30km/h can be fatal for an unbelted occupant.

In the near future, the Indian automotive market will see a rapid market penetration of Occupant Detection Sensors due to an upcoming national legislation. The Indian government has decided to promote vehicle safety via a new Automotive Industry Standard (AIS-145) which will mandate, among others, the use of driver airbags and SBR systems on the front seats of passenger cars. On the front passenger seat, an SBR sensor is used to confirm the presence of an occupant. Starting from July 2019 onwards, all Indian and foreign OEMs, will have to quickly and mandatorily implement SBR sensors into all cars sold on the Indian market.

IEE became active in the Indian automotive market in March 2016 with the appointment of Quanzen Consultants as IEE’s local sales representative. With the signing of a sales agreement with Quanzen, IEE started offering local sales and engineering support for all Indian OEMs. Founded in 2009, Quanzen is a Pune-based consulting company that offers sales and technical support to international companies in the automotive industry. They represent international automotive suppliers in sectors such as Powertrain, Safety, Sensing or Electric mobility.