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ROTAREX, the Gas control Industry’s Innovation Leader “Made in Luxembourg”

In addition to the many business sectors where Luxembourg ...

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In addition to the many business sectors where Luxembourg excels, like Banking, Steel and Space Mining, the Grand Duchy is also a major global hub for pressurized gas valves and control equipment technology. The technology epicenter is Lintgen, a small village north of the capital Luxembourg City. There, stands the global headquarters for ROTAREX – the world leader in cylinder valves and equipment for pressurized gas applications. They operate in almost all sectors where pressurized gas is used - not only to industrial uses of gas – but also to fire suppression, LPG, specialty and ultra-high purity, cryogenic, automotive and water carbonation applications.

ROTAREX is the story of how a successful global company leverages the best of “Made-In-Luxembourg” Quality and Advanced Technology – with the best of local Indian market expertise and on-the-ground service. All products are designed and manufactured at their Luxembourg Headquarters – so they can tightly control quality and technical performance – but they rely on their team of experts in India (service offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore), as well as 33 other countries around the world - to provide the local support and service that most other manufacturers cannot.

Luxembourg has been ROTAREX’ home for almost 100 years. The historical core of the company is as a valve manufacturer for industrial gases. Up until the 1970’s they were a strong regional player, and were known for their exceptionally robust and high-quality valve designs. Their leap to world-leader started in 1976 when Jean-Claude Schmitz became CEO, and executed his vision to become a global innovator. He created 4 in-house testing laboratories, and hired a small army of the best-and-brightest engineers to develop innovative new products. Add to that an in-house materials laboratory, and electronics laboratory, a simulation laboratory and advanced technology group… the result is a truly world-class innovation and technology infrastructure that is far superior to any competitor capability.