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For most Indians the mention of Argentina is likely to instantly ...

                   Poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore with his Argentine hostess Victoria Ocampo

The current cooperation, apart from that in traditional areas like soya and edible oil exports from Argentina, has blossomed into meaningful dialogue and commitments in areas such as nuclear technology, shale gas, lithium and other minerals. From the Indian side there is growing interest in investments in solar energy, pharmaceuticals and two-wheeler manufacturing. Tourism to Argentina, though, remains a vastly untapped area. To borrow a line from the musical Don’t cry for me Argentina, ‘it won’t be easy’ to have more Indians in bulk exploring this South American nation soon. The distance between the two countries is one factor, but so is the connectivity. It is almost unthinkable, as Ambassador Chuburu puts it, of having direct flights in place at this point in time between India and Argentina, area-wise the world’s seventh and eighth largest nations.

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